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Our Values

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As people in the field of engineering, we are the builders of the world we live in. We touch the lives of people who will never know our names and save the lives of people who will never see our faces. We create the means to give bread to the hungry and to relieve the suffering of the fatherless, the widow, and the oppressed – This is Engineering Reimagined.

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We must be the ones who create the means to effect change. We redesign things that others think cannot be saved; this kind of mentality must be translated into our ethics and all that we do. Integrity must be interwoven into all that we design. We must be a voice for the voiceless. We must champion the oppressed. We must effect real change – This is Engineering Reimagined.

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Minimize Cost

We are a sensible and local consulting firm with a focus on mechanical engineering sciences that desires to help you by minimizing costs associated with engineering drafting and design and operational maintenance. We are proactively working to comply with building standards, recommendations and fostering environmentally sensible designs to all communities – This is Engineering Reimagined.

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Embracing Our Communities

We are participating in initiatives to promote access in STEM fields and improving education as well as the facilitating the training of indigenous persons, women, and other underrepresented groups as engineers and technologists. We are proud to support Indigenous talent, and we had a young Indigenous woman contribute to the graphic design of our company logo. We are proud to support all members of our communities. We would like to partner with locally owned businesses as much as possible in the future – This is Engineering Reimagined.

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We have a unique vision to create synergy between engineering and trades through its Project Delivery Team, which is led by an individual with both an engineering and trades background as a Heavy-Duty Mechanic. The Project Delivery Team lead has been a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (“ASHRAE”) for the past five years and has been closely following the guidance documents related to the COVID-19 engineering support as given by ASHRAE in addition to federal and provincial guidelines. The lead has pioneered research relating to COVID-19 HVAC infection controls. His research will be published in late 2022. We will use current information and research to assist with your COVID-19 response from an engineering perspective. This innovative approach to problems forms part of our design process in all areas – This is Engineering Reimagined.

Our Officers


Kaysha Richardson

Chief Communication Officer

Kaysha Dery seeks to represent the vision, Engineering Reimagined, using various means of communication and to communicate and connect with businesses that will benefit from the vision.


Dale J. Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Dale Richardson exercises faith in the vision, Engineering Reimagined, seeking opportunities to use engineering drafting and design to build, innovate, and minimize costs with honesty and integrity at DSR Karis Consulting Inc.

Contact Us

North Battleford, SK
Chestermere, AB

(306) 441-7010 (SK) - (587) 575-5045 (AB)

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