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The Karis Project

The Karis Project is a humanitarian project initiated by DSR Karis Consulting Inc. to exemplify its values encapsulated by Engineering Reimagined. 

The Karis Project’s mission is healing families through restoration and obtaining justice through the use of engineering sciences and conducting them in a manner that serves the public interest. The CCO of DSR Karis Consulting Inc. Kaysha Richardson started The Karis Project to combat child trafficking and other crimes associated with the pandemic response because her younger sister Karis was trafficked as a result of whistleblowing the pandemic response. More information on the story can be found in the links to the interviews below. 

The CEO of DSR Karis Consulting Inc., Dale J. Richardson has discovered through research supported by DSR Karis Consulting Inc. and its United States affiliate DSR Karis North Consulting Inc. that the engineering controls issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention were implemented in a manner that was conducive to spreading aerosolized contagions rather than mitigating it. Numerous criminal complaints were made from July 3, 2020 until the present day in Canada and the United States based on the research pioneered and complied by the CEO. 

The Karis Project is providing evidence packages for those harmed by the mRNA vaccines and anything else relating to the COVID-19 pandemic response in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. The Karis Project is working to provide instruction to people who are looking to use the information to make criminal complaints based on the evidence packages provided. It is raising funds to assist in providing these packages and any necessary incidentals required for people to use them and to cover costs of ongoing humanitarian, research and administrative costs. 

The Karis Project is working to advance criminal complaints against the Covid response in Canada and the United States. The Karis Project is collecting information for those victimized by the mRNA vaccines for the purposes of the criminal complaints.


The Karis Project is working to combat child/human trafficking that has been exasperated by the Covid response and has been out of control for far too long. 

The Karis Project is working to combat the political persecution of the J6 patriots who have been abused, tortured and punished by rogue elements in the DOJ. The evidence packages provided by The Karis Project based on the research of Dale is exculpatory evidence that has been withheld to enact political persecution on Americans. This evidence was suppressed by human trafficking by the Biden administration to prevent exposure of treason against the United States. The evidence came into the possession of the Department of Homeland Security through Customs and Border Protection on October 1, 2020 when Kaysha brought it to the Sweetgrass MT point of entry. Kaysha is an American Indian born in Canada and was kidnapped on her ancestral homeland to prevent the information to be reported to the authorities to conceal treason against the United States. Human trafficking was used to conceal evidence of treason and persecute the J6ers. 

The Karis Project is now partnering with Make Honey Great Again to raise funds to help J6'ers utilize this powerful evidence & fight child/human trafficking. Use promo code karis. 

The Karis Project has partnered with The Wellness Company who provides an alternative medical network & health supplements to help those who have been vaccine injured & anyone who wants to improve their health. Use the promo code karis for a 10% discount!


Links to the Karis Project's social media: 

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Link to Alberta and Texas Petitions

Links to Canadian Packages

Links to Video interviews of Dale and Kaysha

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Dale's interview on Jeff Crouere's Ringside Politics on Real America's Voice December23, 2023

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Dale & Kaysha interview with Kevin Hoyt July 27, 2023

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Dale & Kaysha on Prather Point July 13, 2023 

High Treason Complaint Filed in Canada April 2023

Dale & Kaysha on Scott McKay Podcast June 23, 2023

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Dale & Kaysha's Interviews with Christopher James

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Dale & Kaysha Interview with The New Prisoner Six

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